Studio 9to3 animation

9to3animation is founded by Ernst Janssen Groesbeek, an architect by training. After five years of lecturing architectural animation at the Technical University of Delft, Ernst decided to start his own animation studio with the focus on animation films for children. 9to3animation stands for creativity, new techniques, unique ideas, family and family values, passion and perfection.

9to3 animation creates short animation films for children. Our inspiration is the collection of fairy tales by the Dutch author Annie M.G. Schmidt.

Currently we are animating her story Tom and Nonna. Although Annie M.G. Schmidt brings a certain Dutchness to her writing, her fairy tales can be placed anywhere in the world.

9to3animation has moved the action for this story to Venice, Italy because of its particular atmosphere and architectural environment.
For 9to3animation, a location and its architecture are characters in itself: they are important contributors to the atmosphere of the story.





Our current project

Tom and Nonna is a short tale written by one of the Netherlands most prolific and much loved writers, Annie M.G. Schmidt. Because the atmosphere of her writing is warm and cozy with an edge, we have chosen to recreate that ambiance by placing the scene in Italy, in the fifties. The time of the early films of Frederico Fellini and Luchino Visconti. Instead of Rome, their starting point, we have chosen Venice, with its bridges and lovely quarters. The grandmother of our short film lives on the Island San Pietro di Castello, one of the lesser known areas of Venice.

In our story Tom and Nonna we see a grandmother and her dog, apparently a normal homely scene. They live together in a small house and go for walks together, But on closer inspection we start to wonder why this tiny lady has such a large dog. Hasn’t she noticed that the dog has grown because he still has this baby dog basket. In our short the dog has had enough of his tiny basket and uses his charm and might to persuade his mistress to let him sleep in her big, comfy chair.


Renderman Challenge: ‘Kitchen Sink’

The first Renderman Challenge ‘Kitchen Sink’ gave us the perfect setting to test our custom renderman shader we developed together with Christos Obretenov from Lollipop. We are combining occlusion with hand drawn textures and diffuse rendering. For this test, we didn’t want to just render an image, so we created a proper background story. Nonna […]

Claymodel Nonna

What better way to get a good sense of size and shape by making a clay model of Nonna and the dog. We will make two models of Nonna. Here you see the overall model. Perfect to test Nonna’s shape and size but with less detail in e.g. het face. We are busy making a […]

Study of Nonna

Nonna is an older Italian grandmother, but what should she look like? How does her size and shape relate to that of the dog? Helen van Vliet made some studies of Nonna’s appearance.