‘Challenge: Show your own style, Create your own style’

With the gracious support from Pixar RenderMan; LollipopShaders and 9to3animation are making available one non-commercial license of our Illustration Shader.
Anyone who has a style of his or her own and wants to bring it into the 3rd dimension can apply. We will help you with the shader set-up in Maya or Katana and guide you through the process to experiment with your own unique style.

Winner will receive:
– One RenderMan license for one year.
– One Non-Commercial License of the: Illustration-Shader
– Analysis of your artwork (1hr Video conference call screen share)
– Shader set-up in Maya or Katana: cloud transfer
– Additional support: 1hr Video conference call screen share

The style that inspires us most will win the challenge.

If you want to join our challenge please send samples of you Artwork to Deadline is July 15th 2019.