Meet Nonna

Her whole life, Nonna lived in Venice. She married Marco and together they have two kids, who moved to America many years ago. They call her every week, but she doens’t see them that often. Nonna has a dog, Tom. He was a present from Marco for her 65th birthday, 8 years ago. When Tom was just a little pup, about 6 months old, Marco past away. Since then, Tom has been supporting Nonna the best he can. His only flaw is his annoying habbit to sleep in Nonna’s chair. Especially when she wants to enjoy a nice cup of coffee. Fortunally she always finds a way to lure him out of the chair with a little joke.

Nonna likes baking and cooking, she is really good at it too. She often participates in a baking contest in one of the many quarters of Venice and has won several awards. She loves it when Tom joins her in the kitchen while she is cooking. He will taste everything she makes. At dinner, they will eat together at the table. With his front paws on the chair Tom is just big enough to reach the table and eat his Spaghetti al Ragu.

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