Renderman Challenge 2: Rolling Teapot

For this second Renderman Challenge “The Rolling Teapot”, we got to work with a model developed by Brice Laville Saint-Martin, and designed by Tom Robinson, which providing us with a production-quality scene to showcase our shading, lighting, rendering and compositing skills.
Using RenderMan’s holdout workflow in order to create a realistic and compelling composite of the Rolling Teapot. Again, a great opportunity to test our custom renderman shader we developed together with Christos Obretenov from Lollipop.

The theme of the final render was entirely up to us, so we created a fun background story. There is an inventor who has designed the teapot artist. In the image we see the artists desk. On top the desk we see the prototype drawing. The artist (evil girl) is angry at a drawing of a boy goofing around with tea. Spilling the tea on her drawing, how dare he!

On the desk we have a technical drawing of the prototype, prototype stuff like a 3D printer and a hand drawing made by the prototype.

We used Nuke to combine our different AOV’s and the background photo to create the final image. We used AOV’s like basecolor, diffuse and occlusion. The hatching and paint strokes are created through textures in the occlusion and the diffuse.

A big thanks to Helen van Vliet for letting us use her studio and drawings as our background!

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