RenderMan NPR development: Kitchen Sink

The first Renderman Challenge ‘Kitchen Sink’ gave us the perfect setting to test our custom renderman shader we developed together with Christos Obretenov from Lollipop. We are combining occlusion with hand drawn textures and diffuse rendering. For this test, we didn’t want to just render an image, so we created a proper background story.

Nonna and Tom baking cookies

Beach cabin on the large beach at the lido, Venice. An old lady and a dog are pottering about in their tiny summer house. Nonna is making cookie dough and Tom, the dog, is salivating in anticipation that he can have a bite of the dough. As Nonna is moving back and forth between the mixer and fetching ingredients from the cupboards, Tom is circling around her and when Nonna trips over him, she scolds friendly.

When the dough is finally ready and she wants to get the baling tray from the oven, Tom cannot control himself anymore. He puts his paws on the kitchen top where the bowl stands, pushes it over and with two large gulps eats the dough.

Nonna is very disappointed.

To create this image we used a single custom shader that renders different AOV’s like basecolor, diffuse, outlines, occlusion. The hatching and paint strokes are created through textures in the occlusion and the diffuse.

To read more about this technique and how the shader was developed, check out the case studie on the website of LollipopShaders:

Case Study: 9to3Animation Non Photoreal Rendering