Our animation film is based on the story with the omnious title the girl who lost here name, written by Annie M.G. Schmidt. In the original story her name is stolen by a witch, when Tom and the girl visit her sweet shop. In the 9to3animation version the witch has been taken out. The reasoning behind that story change was that the presence of the witch and her shop had consequences for the script. In script writing elements one introduces at the end of the story, have to be set up in the beginning to make them believable. So no witch, but we still have the hare and with him kept the fairy tale in tact.

The girl who lost her name is an archetypal story of a knight going on a quest. In our animation film the knight is ten years old and his quest is finding the name of a girl.

Annie Schmidt wrote the story in the fifties of the 20th century. In that time Dutch and other European people still went to church almost every week. In our script, the action is still in the 1950’s, but we are not in the Netherlands anymore, but in Venice, Italy.

The script starts with Tom and his father walking to church and the boy discovering a door in the tower. Tom opens the door and meets the hare and the girl. From there is quest for her name starts and we follow our knight Tom on his adventure through Venice.

Annie Schmidt’s orginial story with the witch and her sweetshop was published in┬ávarious books, see the book covers below. Unfortunately we have not found an English translation of Annie Schmidt’s fairy tales yet. There are versions in Japanese and Russian.


‘The beast with the last name’



‘Witches and such’



‘Maybe it really happened’



‘All fairytales’