Studio 9to3 animation

9to3animation is founded by Ernst Janssen Groesbeek, an architect by training. After five years of lecturing architectural animation at the Technical University of Delft, Ernst decided to start his own animation studio with the focus on animation films for children. 9to3animation stands for creativity, new techniques, unique ideas, family and family values, passion and perfection.

9to3 animation creates short animation films for children. Our inspiration is the collection of fairy tales by the Dutch author Annie M.G. Schmidt.

Currently we are animating her story Tom and Nonna. Although Annie M.G. Schmidt brings a certain Dutchness to her writing, her fairy tales can be placed anywhere in the world.

9to3animation has moved the action for this story to Venice, Italy because of its particular atmosphere and architectural environment.
For 9to3animation, a location and its architecture are characters in itself: they are important contributors to the atmosphere of the story.